A little about me

Trying to identify the things that define yourself and coming up dry is terrifying. It’s that feeling you get when people ask what you can do with your degree after you graduate.

Serious existential crisis happening.

Everything we do affects who we become and how we approach life. But everything we use to describe ourselves  generates a list of assumptions and stereotypes in our audience.

I am Tom. I am attempting to complete a double degree of International Studies and Commerce, with majors in international communication,mandarin and business law. Unfortunately, there is not much more to say about me.

I seem to spend a fair amount of my time reading, relaxing and surfing the internet (Youtube and Imgur mostly). My other interests lie  in the direction of travel, politics and how the internet has impacted on both.

I haven’t ever blogged or tweeted before so this could be a potential trainwreck. Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @ThomasA_Burrow.

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