Internet, A History

It wasn’t that long ago when messages had to physically traverse the globe in search of their recipients to be heard and read. The internet and cyberspace we know, love and immerse ourselves in is a very recent development of human communication and connection.

The development of the first nodes and network, ARPANET in 1969 and the ever increasing number of networks during the 70’s and 80’s led to the development of this global nervous system and the coining of the term the ‘internet’. As Sterling demonstrates the history of the internet is a swift and complex mix of humanity’s need for technological advancement and its need for interaction.

We as a generation assume that instantaneous, rapid and real time communication and connection was ever present but for the not that much older generation the internet was and is still a mystery.

The internet has become so ingrained in our culture, society and global network that there has been speculation and debate about labeling the right to access the internet a Human Right.

How much things change in 20 years.


Sterling, B 1993, ‘A Short History of the Internet’, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.


One response to “Internet, A History

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    It’s like our generation could understand but not to the full extent because we’ve been brought up in the 90’s where technology was thriving. Your comment about labelling the right to access the internet as a human right is really interesting, one that I haven’t thought of before! Getting into the whole ethical side of access is really interesting, would have been good to hear your opinion on labelling it as a human right! Thanks


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