The Internet of Things.

As the data suggests we as individuals and consumers spend far too much time online. Ingesting news, interacting with each other and conducting business. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are glued to our phones and computers (as discussed earlier). Despite my interest and near obsession with technology I don’t want my fridge or toaster to become yet another device which I can control using my phone or laptop from anywhere.

A fridge that can surf the web; that can email you when you run out of milk,

A wristband which connects to my phone; that can also track my lack of movement,

An alarm clock which can access my bank account 

All things which become gold mines of data for companies. It can tell them what time we open our fridges, what time we get out of bed… and where we are when we do these things. With this data companies can subtly influence our every move. And not so subtly create more demand.

Take the pillow industry for example who only recently added an expiry date to their products, this simple act caused sales to rise astronomically. What happens when every company has the information to create similar  demand?

These companies already collect so much data from me, why would i give them more.

Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with an alarm clock which will actually get me out of bed, I think it is a great idea. But do we really need another piece of technology, which records and stores our data and habits?

Another aspect of the IoT which scares me is what would happen if the Internet of Things becomes a fully realised world and then dissolves? just take a look at the TV show Revolution, and its post apocalyptic themes…


One response to “The Internet of Things.

  • Beau

    An alarm clock that can access your bank account is a scary thought. While this all does seem very convenient, it seems like it’s just creating more opportunity for security flaws to be exploited. It really does make you think of the sacrifices we make for convenience when it comes to technology.


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